Construction Business Review Apartment And Condominium Contractors – 2023

Urban Complex GC, LLC

Multifamily Apartment Renovation Specialists

Urban Complex GC, LLC has set a benchmark in the multifamily housing industry, delivering practical solutions for stunning results in property renovations. Specializing in multi-units, its services cover everything from total demolition and rebuilds to bringing existing units up-to-date to meet contemporary design, performance, and code standards. As a one-stop shop for all apartment renovation needs, Urban Complex GC focuses on streamlining operations and fostering consistency. The team has deep knowledge of the multifamily renovation market and interior design trends, whether it’s carpentry, flooring, painting, plumbing, or appliance installation, which enhance the look and feel of a property and increase its value. Its remarkable efficiency is exemplified by its capacity to renovate a complete apartment unit in just 11 to 21 working days, significantly faster than other contracting companies.

“Our mission is to reduce the downtime of units to prevent our clients from losing money. An average unit costs $48 to $62 a day when it’s not rented. We do our best to ensure we’re completing all tasks on time and getting those units back on the market as fast as we can,” says Brian Donnelly, CEO of Urban Complex GC.

This rapid turnaround time, coupled with its nationwide presence, gives Urban Complex GC a distinct competitive advantage. It delivers high-quality work at reduced costs, enhancing customer satisfaction and building trust in the marketplace.

Success stems from their ability to help clients navigate industry challenges like difficulty obtaining products on time and at the right price point and managing manpower.

The team overcomes these challenges by maintaining a product inventory and managing 85 to 95 percent of their work in-house, which allows them to control costs and maintain schedules. An innovative approach to problem-solving underpins their ethos of delivering best-in-class services to their clients. Further setting Urban Complex GC apart from its competitors is its client-centric vision. From ensuring round-the-clock accessibility to fostering long-term partnerships, the company is dedicated to putting the customer first. This commitment extends to robust quality control, ensuring the best value for every dollar spent.

Urban Complex GC also distinguishes itself through its focus on employees. Viewing the company as a family, Donnelly has fostered a nurturing and inclusive culture where every employee is valued and treated with respect. This positive work environment, along with its commitment to building careers, contributes significantly to client service quality and overall success.

A presence across the country provides flexibility and convenience to clients who own properties in different locations. It also prides itself on maintaining a network of nationwide vendors. Instead of relying on local suppliers, Urban Complex GC leverages its broad reach to ensure clients receive the best possible pricing, translating into more economical projects.

“An average unit costs $48 to $62 a day when it’s not rented. We do our best to ensure we’re completing all tasks on time and getting those units back on the market as fast as we can”

Diversifying its portfolio, Urban Complex GC has embarked on new, in-house ventures, including a dedicated cleaning division and a paint company. These additional services allow the team to maintain more stringent control over quality and timelines while offering end-to-end solutions and enhancing the client experience.

Navigating a rapidly changing market is no small feat, but Urban Complex GC has repeatedly proven its resilience. Its success can be attributed to its ability to consistently deliver premium services enhanced by fine craftsmanship, responsiveness to clients, and a focus on building solid and lasting relationships in the market. As it continues to expand and innovate, Urban Complex GC is poised to remain a market leader in the apartment contracting space.